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In 1967, a Saturday morning Russian school was conducted by a group of parents in the hall of one of the Russian Orthodox Churches in Vancouver. In 1970, this school was moved to the Russian Community Centre. There were approximately 40 students enrolled. In the morning there were lessons in Russian reading and writing. In the afternoon, there was choir, orchestra, and folk dancing.

Every Christmas, the school staged a Yolka performance and there was a year end ceremony in June which included awarding certificates/report cards, a graduation ceremony and performances by all age groups in choir, orchestra, dance and recitations.

Over the years, attendance had declined from 40 to 8 students, due to the lack of Russian immigrants in the 80's. In the last 10 years, the school has blossomed to over 80 students, thanks to a new influx of Russian immigrants. The school continues to stage Yolkas, June ceremonies, and give lessons in reading and writing.

However, today the Russian Community Centre Pushkin School is designed as a Russian Immersion Saturday school.  We have Grades 1 thought 8 as well as  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten levels. 

For over 40 years, our school has been serving  families of Russian descent in the greater Vancouver area who want their children to preserve the language and culture.   Our curriculum includes Russian Language Arts, Literature and Grammar as well as many other academic subjects including Math, History and Social Studies. All of these subjects are taught  in Russian.  Our Language Arts instructors are native speaking teachers with many years of teaching experience and pedagogical education from Russia and Canada. The school also provides children with culturally infused art subjects like Russian Folk Dancing,  Children's Choir, Children's Balalaika and Domra Orchestra and various Arts and Crafts.

Four years ago we've eхtendеd  our program and opened our doors to more children that would perffer to study on Tuesday evenings academic subjects like Russian Language Arts, Russian Literatura and Math. At the moment, on Tuesday evenings  we offer Kindergarten to Grade 7 level, and will grow with children until Grad Class - Grade 8 . 

The school is recognized by the Metro Vancouver School Boards and our graduates have been given high school language credit for completing all grades at the Russian School. In 2010 year, the RCC Children's Language School  celebrated its 40th anniversary.

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